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'Alice in Wonderland'


This is a fantastic Production. As always like all of our shows this is a highly interactive Pantomime, involving the audience, filled with well known sing along songs.  Will Alice find her way home for Christmas? Will you be the one to help her? Who will beat the Queen of Hearts? How many arms does the Caterpillar have? This show is filled with music, dance, laughter and has plenty of opportunity for the audience to get involved.


Everything you would expect from a Pantomime and more. A fun filled show which massively encourages the audience to participate. This family friendly Pantomime will make you laugh, cry and want to shout louder than you have ever shouted before!

Do you fancy getting involved? If so we have a part written in the show just for you!!



The popular tale of the boy who asked for more! Watch Oliver Twist fall in and out with shady characters such as the pickpocket Fagin, the Artful Dodger and the murderous Bill Sykes. Packed full of music and laughter for all.

Do you fancy getting involved? If so we have a part written in the show just for you!!

'Puss in Boots'


Can Puss in Boots defeat the ogre and save Christmas for Rodney?'Oh Yes he can' Join Puss on his adventures.  Another funfilled show from Northeast Producers...'Oh Yes it is'. And guess what!!!! We have another part written just for you.

'Jack and The Beanstalk'

Can Jack escape the giant? Can he save his home from the Evil Landlord Barron Hard Heart?  'Oh Yes he can'  Join Jack on his adventures up the Beanstalk. And yes the beanstalk grows!


'A Christmas Carol'-


Scrooge is a miserable, bitter old miser, who hates happiness, generosity, and Christmas, until a trio of Ghosts shows him the error of his ways. Can Ebenezer Scrooge change his ways or will he forever remain the miserable miser we know him to be?





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