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We all love those classic musicals; Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Wicked, Annie.....Come and watch Peggy and Dotty-the aspiring show girls show you what they are made of.

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Julia and Ava, the singing Duo.

Come and have a sing along with Julia and Ava as they explore the beauty of Music.

Where does that song take you back to, what do you remember, where were you when you first heard that song.

One song creates a thousand memories and every memory is different for each of us!

What do you remember??

This show is full of popular 60's music that we all know and love and is delivered to our audiences in the traditional Northeast Producers style - Engaging and interactive. Supported by that forever true running theme that Mothers really do know best!

Join Maggie and Jimmy as they plan their next trip to Blackpool. Enjoy the laughs, enjoy the banter and have a good sing song at the same time.

Packed with all the 60's best tracks. Build me up Buttercup, I got you babe, Where all going on a Summer Holiday and many more.

Enjoy singing along to all those popular songs such as 'Knee's up Mother Brown', 'That's Amore' and 'Pack up Your Troubles'; listen to the cheeky banter and find out whether Doris does let Frank take her on that date!

After meeting Doris by chance at the local bus stop can Frank convince her to go for a drink with him? Come along and find out!


Come along and Join the local window cleaners Jim the Squeeze and Jack The Lad on their lunch break. Enjoy the banter, listen to all their window cleaner tales and have a good sing song at the same time!


This show is very funny, interactive and full of Music. Filled with songs such as Leaning on a Lampost, Standing on a Corner, Wish me luck as you wave me good bye and many more.

Show Reviews

 “We thoroughly enjoyed the production, we were singing along and interacting all the way through. It was a fantastic performance and everyone at Richmond Court would like to extend our thanks to Northeast Producers.” Julie Gray, Manager of Richmond Court.

'As always another highly Interactive and engaging show from Northeat Producers. I have been using Northeast Producers service for around five years now and just when I think it can't get any better, you bring another show out'. Bev S-Loxley Chase

'Absolutely fabulous, very cleverly done, we are very impressed. We cant wait to have you back' John R-Coatham Lodge Sheltered Scheme.

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