~ Casting Opportunities ~

Northeast Producers produce several shows throughout the year performing in a vast amount of Community Venues, Restaurants, Residential and Nursing Homes, Sheltered Accommodation and Independent Living Centre’s around the North of England and we are always looking for actors to join the team. We have ongoing work with not only our Christmas shows but our monthly Summer shows. We are looking to employ fun, motivated and energetic actors who love to work room; singing ability essential.

We are casting for three Summer Shows this year, When I'm Cleaning Windows, There's No Business Like Show Business and Memories are Made of This!

~ Summer Show Casting ~

Memories are made of this.jpg

Cast Required

Julia: Oldest of the two and the more serious Character who drives the reminiscing. The actor required for this role must have strong singing abilities and the energy to work a room is essential.


Ava: A talkative woman who loves to engage with her audience. The younger of the two, a bit dithery and all about the fun.  The actor required for this role must be vivacious, have strong singing voice and enjoy working closely with audiences.



Cast Required

Peggy and Shauna- two aspiring show girls. Peggy is further into her career than Shauna and acts as an inspiration for Shauna. Both girls need to have strong singing voice, must have the ability to work a room and enjoy closely working with audiences.



When im Cleaning Windows Poster.png

Cast Required

Jimmy: A comical gentleman, typically old fashioned, a bit of a know it all. The actor required for this role must have strong singing abilities and the energy to work a room is essential.


Jack: A young Naive chap who looks up to Uncle Jim. Jim shows Jack all the trick of the window cleaning Trade. The actor required must have a strong singing voice, good comedy skills and enjoy working a room.



~ Christmas Show Casting ~


Puss in Boots


Alice In wonderland

When looking to cast actors we want to work with fun, engaging, high energy actors all of which must have a strong singing voices. All of our shows are high energy and very interactive so you must enjoy working closely with audiences




Jack and the Beanstalk

A Christmas Carol