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Tour Schedules

Summer Tours

One Fine Day.jpg

One Fine Day will be touring the following areas:

Staffordshire 1st -30th July

Birmingham 27th May -22nd June

Join Maggie and Jimmy on a trip down memory lane as they pack for their trip to Blackpool. Enjoying songs such as of course 'One Fine Day', 'Build me up Buttercup' 'Rock around the Clock' and many more. This show is funny, interactive and will leave our audiences smiling.

Mother Knows Best.jpg

Mother Knows Best will be touring the following areas:

Manchester  - 15th April -4th May

Nottingham- 20th - 8th June

Lancaster, Cumbria, Dumfries 17th June - 13th July

Peterborough - 22nd July -10th August

This show is full of popular music that we all know and love and is delivered to our audiences in the traditional Northeast Producers style - Engaging and interactive. Supported by that forever true running theme that Mothers really do know best!

Memories are Made Of This

Tyneside - 6th March - 2nd April 

Teeside - 10th -  30th April 

Leeds - 8th May - 3rd June 

Sheffield - 1st June  - 29th June

'Memories Are Made Of This' is a superb musical. Come and have a sing along with Julia and Ava as they explore the beauty of Music. The singing Duo will come along to hold a sing along with the audience, but during the show the music takes not only Julia and Ava back to special times of their lives but the audience as well. They interact with the audience wanting to hear where the music takes them back to, asking what do you remember, where were you when you first heard that song; whilst sharing their stories as well. One song creates a thousand memories and every memory is different for each of us! What do you remember?? Singing songs such as 'Que Sera Sera', 'Get happy', 'Secret Love', Life is a Cabaret' and many more. 

Thats Life poster.jpg

Thats Life will be touring the following areas:

Midlands - 5th June - 2nd July

Staffordshire and Surrounding areas 10th - 30th July 

Watch Frank and Doris fall in love as they have a chance meeting at a bustop.

Frank falls in love with Doris as soon as he see's her Doris on the other hand takes a little persuading.

This show is full of sweetness and music. Filled with songs such as Thats Life, Que Sera Sera, Strangers in the Night and Knees up Mother brown.

Christmas Tours

Alice In wonderland Touring Manchester, Liverpool and Chester
13th Nov - 23rd Dec 

Oliver Twist
Peterborough and Cumbria
20th Nov - 23rd Dec 

Puss in Boots
Teesside and Tyneside
13th Nov-23rd December 

Jack and the Beanstalk
Touring Leeds and Sheffield

13th Nov - 23rd Dec 

Staffordshire, Derby, Leicester and Nottingham
20th Nov- 23rd December

A Christmas Carol

Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Coventry


27th Nov -23rd December


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