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About us!


We are Northeast Producers and we specialise in creating professional, affordable and entertaining productions that are adaptable to any space or playing area. We love bringing Theatre to you!

Our Pocket productions are performed seamlessly by two professional performers; our touring shows are performed for anyone who wants them and as a company we aim to produce consistently high quality theatre that is accessible for all. 

We strive to provide quality Theatre for anyone who wants it regardless of circumstances. Many people and organisations for whatever reason, may struggle to get out to the Theatre but they don’t have to worry anymore - Northeast Producers will bring the Theatre to you!

We stage our productions in a vast amount of Community Venues,  Residential and Nursing Homes, Sheltered Accommodation, Schools, Independent Living Centre’s basically any space that wants to watch a piece of Musical Theatre or a Pantomime.

All of our sets are portable, free standing and adaptable; we can perform in any space, any size at any time.

Heather Matthews is the Artistic Director and founder of Northeast Producers Traveling Theatre Company. Northeast Producers productions and focuses strongly on the interaction with our audiences. Working with actors to engage our audiences, without relying on elaborate sets, costume and lighting.

'The actor’s ability to engage and interact with our audience is at the heart of all of our performance’s and Northeast Producers scripts always allow for audience involvement. They are filled with energy, laughter and most importantly opportunities for the different audiences to get involved.' says Heather.

Have a look through our site to find out what’s going on in your area!

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